We finally got our Konad stamper in the mail yesterday!  The package was the size of a box of bank checks.  Apparently I bought the “mini” version (no wonder it seemed so cheap).  The good news is…it still works just the same.  I just feel like a giant when I’m using it.  We ordered several stamping plates. The original plan was to do white nails with black sheets of music for Annika.  We could NOT get the music notes to work.  Everything else was easy peasy.  So we’ll save the music for another day.  Instead, Annika chose a fishnet looking stamp.  It’s amazing how crisp this thing stamps.  I know seasoned nail bloggers have been stamping for years.  But for a mom and her tween – this seems like magic.  Here’s Annika:

I’ve been doing a lot of grey and blue lately and was in the mood for something pink.  I did simple white polka dots on my ring fingers.  I love this mani (I say that everytime).  Here’s me:

I chose this pink China Glaze off the shelf without looking at the name.  Annika and I figured it was “Bubblegum” or “Teen Dream” or something like that.  But no…it’s called “Sexy Lady”!  What??  I’ll have to ask Sheldon.


  • Polish: OPI Arctic White, Konad Black
  • Tools: Konad Plate M57


  • Polish: China Glaze Sexy Lady, Konad White
  • Tools: Konad Plate M79

My niece, we’ll call her Barbie, is headed to her first dance.  The theme is neon so we chose neon pink nails with neon turquoise accent fingers.  I wanted to do something else snazzy on her ring fingers…but she got pulled away to other matters that sounded way more exciting than having her aunt paint her nails.  Barbie has pretty little nail beds.  The sun had set, so we couldn’t get a clear shot…but the neon was actually quite bright.  It also dried matte, which surprised me.  Is that how all neons work?  We started with a coat of white so the colors would pop.  I think it’s cute as can be and is perfect for a tween dance.

Polish: China Glaze Shocking Pink (Neon) and Turned Up Turquoise (Neon), OPI Arctic White as a base

Spring Cherry Blossoms

May 11, 2012

It’s the weekend, so I spruced up my plain gray polish with some Spring Cherry Blossoms.  This was super easy and turned out just as good on both hands!

I used a black striper for the branches and a dotting tool for the flowers.  Here’s a closup.  I wish I was a better picture taker-er!

Annika and I went to Sephora looking for a matte topcoat after searching several drug stores.  I’m surprised there’s not a cheapy brand out there yet.  Maybe I didn’t look hard enough.  I wanted to try something with both matte and shiny.  I got my inspiration on Pinterest.

This is the same pastel purple Zoya (Kendal) I used on my last manicure, but with the matte topcoat it turned out gray (which I liked).  I used a dotter tool to dot two lines of dots on the side of each nail.  It was so easy.  Anyone can do it.

Again, I got some funny looks at work in meetings.  They must think I’m going through a near-midlife crisis or something!  I’m not telling them about the blog. I’ve been at the company for many years and there a few folks that know of my nail technician past.  Perhaps they think I’m moonlighting at a nail salon??

Here’s another picture with the flash on.  Hopefully I get better at taking pictures.  I’m using my iPhone.  If anyone has any tips, I’m open!

  • Polish: Zoya Kendal, Finger Paints Model Colour, Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint, Sephora by OPI Matte Top Coat
  • Tools: dotter
  • Inspiration Link: We Heart It via Pinterest

So here we are…our very first manicure post.  Annika and her dad were going to a UFC Pay Per View/Hunger Games party (the dads watched the fights while the girls did their thing).  Annika has great nail beds!  Everything looks awesome on her no matter what.  We painted a hot pink background, two coats.  After it dried, we used gold sparkle (which we got free in our April Birchbox …yeah)!  Paint the gold polish on a makeup sponge, then lightly tap each nail about 3/4 the way down.  Reapply the polish to the sponge and this time lightly tap down to half the nail.  One more round – apply the final taps just at the tip and lay it on think!  Follow with a good topcoat.  Next time we do this, we’ll use a glittier glitter.  The Essie polish is too subtle.

Polish: Confetti Get the Party Started, Essie As Gold as it Gets
Tools: makeup sponge
Inspiration Link: Cute Polish Effie Trinket Nail Art (Hunger Games)

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