Annika had a sleepover last night.  The girls got to pick their own online pseudonyms.  So the crew included Annika, Max and Jade.  Not surprisingly, I had requests for Hunger Games and superhero manicures.

Annika (China Glaze Scarlet and Electrify)

Max (China Glaze Frostbite, Scarlet and Happy Go Lucky)

Jade (Finger Paints Where Art Renoir?, China Glaze Electrify)

My dear friend Herrneee (I picked the name, but I totally know she would have chosen it if given the chance) did a boring old manicure with China Glaze Fast Track.  I tried to get her to do something fancier, but she kept rambling about her “job” and her “patients” and something about “glitter getting in people’s eyes”.  Anyway, no pic of that.  But we shall break her in the future!


Burberry Nails

May 6, 2012

I know this manicure has been done a million times before.  I sound like a broken record, but it’s hard to find fun stuff that I can also wear to work.  To make this a little less wild, I only did the burberry design on my ring fingers.  VERY VERY hard to do on the right hand! I’m still growing my nails out from years of acrylics (I’m almost there!)  Once they get a bit longer and stronger, I’ll have more surface area to work with. But for now, my right hand looks like it was applied during a seizure.  I had striping polishes in black and white, but not in red.  So for the red lines, I just used a striping brush.  BIG mess.  I need to learn how to work that thing!

I don’t love the Essie Jazz (the base color).  As a matter of fact, I can’t ever imagine using it again.  It looks kind of green and boring against my skin tone.  But overall, it’s not bad.  As long as I keep my right hand hidden!  LOL  I’m telling you, the Seche Vite topcoat can fix a multitude of sins!  This look would be fab on every single nail if you were going somewhere fancy with a little black dress on.  If you watch the tutorial, she shows you all ten with the design.

  • Polish: Essie Jazz, China Glaze China Rouge
  • Tools: Striping brush, White Striper, Black Striper
  • Inspiration Link: Burberry Nails

Ulta Haul

May 5, 2012

Okay, I have never been to an Ulta. I don’t know why, but I always assumed it was a low rent version of Sephora.  We only have a JC Penney Sephora in my town.  It’s fun, but teenie.  Plus, I’ve had bad luck with getting product home and it’s old.  Anyway, I went to Ulta today to see if they had the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection in stock.  Annika has some money burning a hole in her pocket and that’s what she wanted.

Wow. Is that place awesome! I’m actually kind of glad I’ve never discovered it before because I’d be broke.  I sort of went a little overboard.  The pro polishes were buy 2 get 1 free.  I figured we didn’t go to a movie as planned this weekend and we’d have easily spent as much on tickets and popcorn.  Fortunately, my hubby (we’ll call him Sheldon) is on board with our hobby in spite of the remover smell and random cotton balls in the kitchen.

So Ulta has everything! Including Annika’s requested polish.

Left to Right.  District 1 (Luxury) Luxe and Lush, District 4 (Fishing) Hook and Line, District 2 (Masonry) Stone Cold, District 5 (Power) Electrify

I picked up a few other China Glazes for a future Batman manicure and a few office worthy options.

Left to Right. Frostbite, Happy Go Lucky, China Rouge, Pelican Gray, First Mate (wouldn’t the grey and navy be cool together?)

Finally, I’m a sucker for purple and I needed a beige for the Burberry manicure I’m going to try next.  So I got three Essie polishes.  I also got some stripers and oil (since it was on sale too) and another Seche Vite topcoat since it’s the greatest thing out there.

Essie’s Left to Right: Jazz, Bahama Mama, A Cut Above

I know, I’m a crazy lady.

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